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Competitive Rep Teams U13-U25

Some openings for 2018 coaching, please contact the office for further details. The following documents will be required to be completed for consideration. 

2018-19 Head Coaching Application

Request to Appoint Team Staff

The Saltfleet Stoney Creek Club is pleased to announce the coaching staff that has been selected for the Boys/Girls ages U13-U25
Rep Program for the 2018 Season.



Rep 2019 Girls Teams & Coaches

Rep 2019 Boys Teams & Coaches

 U13 Girls

 Jerry Cipriani - Head Coach

           U13 Boys - TBA           

 U15 Girls – TBA

 U14 Boys

James Spalding - Head Coach

U16 Girls

Bob McLaughlin - Head Coach

Angie Evans - Manager

U15 Boys 

Franco Avolio - Head Coach

Michelle Liske - Manager

U17 Girls

 Paul Tam - Head Coach

U16 Boys

 Ben Ventresca - Head Coach

U18 Girls

Bill Panchyshyn - Head Coach
Email Bill

U17 Boys – TBA

 U21 Womens OWSL Provincial Elite

U25 Girls – TBA


U13 Boys   TBD 
U14 Boys  TBD
U15 Boys Coach Team 1: Franco Avolio
Oct 6     2-3:30pm       Cardinal Newman
Oct 11   7:30-9pm       Cardinal Newman
Oct 13   2-3:30pm     Cardinal Newman
Team Web Site
U16 Boys Coach: Ben Ventresca
Oct 2     7:30-9pm       Cardinal Newman
Oct 11    7:30-9pm      Cardinal Newman
U13 Girls Coach: Jerry Cipriani
Sept 29  10-11:30am   Sherwood Park #1
Oct   2    6-7:30pm       Cardinal Newman
Oct   4    6-7:30pm       Cardinal Newman
U14 Girls  TBD
U15 Girls  TBD
U16 Girls Coach: Bob McLaughlin
Sept 26  6:30-8pm      Sherwood Park #1
Sept 27  6:30-8pm      Sherwood Park #1
Sept 29  10-11:30am  Sherwood Park #1
Oct 4      6-7:30pm      Cardinal Newman
Oct 6      12:30-2pm    Cardinal Newman
U17 Girls Coach: Paul Tam
Oct 1      8:30-10pm    Bishop Ryan School
Oct 3      8:30-10pm    Bishop Ryan School
 U18 Girls Coach: Bill Panchyshyn
Oct 4      7:30-9pm      Cardinal Newman
Oct 6      2-3:30pm      Cardinal Newman
Oct 13    12:30-2pm    Cardinal Newman
Oct 28      1:30-3pm    Cardinal Newman (Exhibition Game)
Nov 4       1:30-3pm    Cardinal Newman (Exhibition Game)

The Saltfleet Stoney Creek Soccer Club’s competitive program is aimed at players ages U13- U25 who have developed the 
skills and commitment to play at a higher level.
Like all of our programs, the competitive rep teams training and development is structured around the Canadian Soccer 
Association’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model.  Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) is a player-centred 
approach that provides guidelines for correct training, competition, and recovery based on scientific principles of human 
development and athlete training, combined with the knowledge of qualified coaches.

Competitive Program Overview

Available for: Boys/Girls, Ages 13-25
Skill Level: Competitive, District Leagues
Schedule: 10 month training, games, tournaments (November – August)

Type: Indoor & Outdoor

U16 Girls currently seeking players born in 2003 or 2004.

U15 Boys currently seeking players born in 2004.


The competitive rep team program is overseen by the Directors of Competitive Programs. Our teams are lead by qualified coaching staff (Head Coaches/Assistant Coaches) and a Team Manager runs administrative and financial aspects of the team.

The goal of development is to increase training loads and soccer specific skills and tactics and developing players for elite level of competition. Tactical awareness becomes an increasingly important facet of training, alongside mental toughness, concentration, and diligence. They must be exposed to quality playing and training environments which extend their mental, physical, tactical and technical capabilities

In order to train and play on SSC’s competitive teams, try-out sessions are held in the fall (September/October) and approximately 3-5 try-outs are held for each division/gender.  Tryouts are run by the team's coaching staff where players are evaluated through a series of skills, drills and small-sided game play. Coaches aim to have their player commitments and team rosters finalized in October.

Coaches hold team meetings with parents/players to communicate the expectations of the coming season regarding team budget, fees, training and game schedules and any travel/tournaments etc that the team agrees will form the structure of their season.

Competitive Rep Team Fees

Cost: $675 (tax incl)

Fees for the competitive program vary and are set based on the requirements each team feels they need to fulfill their season’s objectives.  Examples include:

  • Club operations fees
  • Administration fees
  • Club Rep fee
  • League Fees
  • H&D/Player Books fees
  • Referee fees
  • Game + Practice Fields Outdoor (June - Sept)
  • Turf Fees (if applicable)
  • City of Hamilton Permit fees
  • Hit the Turf Tournament (MJ & Regional Teams)
  • Uniform (Home + Away Kits, plus Practice Kit)

*Note: Many Rep Teams solicit additional funds through Sponsorships and Fundraisers to subsidize additional costs for tournaments, showcases, travel fees etc that are NOT covered by the Club.

For players who have been selected and have committed to an SSC Rep Team, register below:

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